Ian's circumcision

Petrol: RM 100
Toll: RM 88
Total distance: 660km
Driving time: 10 hours
Medical cost: RM2,210.00
Being there with my boy in his journey into manhood: PRICELESS!!!!


Fong said…
he looks like a strong young boy... guess he will cherish the moment
Kam said…
He is a strong boy. Not only physically but mentally as well. He's been thru rough times already.
dochisyam said…
Bro, kalau aku buat...
cost: ZERO
Kam said…
Tu la nak buat mcm mana, sbb buat kat johor and grandparents dia dah arrange dgn specialist. Tersedak jgk aku nak bayar 2000 ringgit tu.

Takpe lah, yg second one nanti aku book buat dgn ko.
Frank said…
How you believe being there for this is priceless is absolutely beyond me. It is nothing more than mutilation.
Kam said…
Well Frank, it depends on how you look at it. Just like body piercing and body tattooing. In our religion and customary, we see it in a very positive way. Even from medical perspective. Actually, he himself wanted it. I suggest you do more research about circumcision. Cheers!
Ovonel said…
mahalnya! i thought it was just RM100!
Kam said…
My in-laws sent him to specialist and I'm 2000 ringgit poorer :(

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