My new babe... Rika ;)

I just realized that cycling is more than just mountain biking, triathlon or duathlon. I found the love of doing fun ride lately and bought a folding bike (I gave her name Rika ;). What I like about this kind of riding, it is less competitive with more leisure. I had a chance meeting new people and socialize among the Urban Velo cyclists. Below are the recent two rides I took part with my foldie. I wish one day very soon I would be able to bring my kids along to join more fun rides. More father & sons activity coming up in the list. Time to catch up the lost time for the past 3 years.

Putrajaya Inter-parks Ride & Ampang Park Critical Mass Ride


dochisyam said…
very cool stuff
How much is an entry level one.
Aku nak bawahk during overses trip
Kam Kasturie said…
Entry level below RM1k boleh dpt. Tapi kalau ko tunggu sale, dlm RM1k jgk boleh dpt yg high quality punye. Lain kali kalau travel aku pun nak bwk sekali. Boleh pusing2 pekan org kampung.

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