Jalan-jalan di Hatyai

Everytime I told people that I will be going to Hatyai alone over the weekend, everybody will give me that sleazy dirty look. And I don't blame them. Me too before this, I always have a perception, when guys going to Hatyai.... they are looking for sex. Dubbed by "Sin City" similar to Las Vegas in the US, Hatyai has many things to offer from a solo traveler to those traveling with a family.

OK back to the question, why the heck I have to go to Hatyai.... alone?? The story is like this.... long long time ago, at the end of last year, Airasia was doing a promo and one way trip to Hatyai was only RM8 and the traveling period was around this time la. When I read an article about Hatyai Marathon last year, I purchased the ticket & booked the hotel based on last year's race. I was 99.999% sure the event will be organized last weekend. However, when the organizer announced the race date early this year, the event actually this weekend. I missed it by just one weekend. Damn!

Since I never been to Hatyai and lucky me I don't have a wife or girlfriend who's going to strangle or kill me if I go there alone, I packed my bag and proceed with the journey to the unknown frontier of sleazy Hatyai.

To be fair to Hatyai people, actually the city is very nice. Just like Ipoh or Seremban. Other than Thais, there are many Malays & Chinese around and traders are everywhere too. Many Malaysians come here for shopping. Jalan2 cari makan is good here. Varieties of Thai food can be found, fresh fruits are dirt cheap, massage parlor are everywhere, abundance of garments with the latest fashion and very reasonable prices. High quality made in Thailand's kitchenware like Zebra also good bargain.... errr flesh also fresh for those who come here looking for that one thing la ;)

Well, what did I do here for 3 days 2 nights??? Ehemmm..... whatever happened in Hatyai, stays in Hatyai.


dochisyam said…
haa..apa buat di sana?
when are we going to go mountain biking again ni bro?
Kam Kasturie said…
Jalan2 jer. Takde buat apa2 pun kat sana... Hehehe
MTB aku kan dah jual. Kalau nak leisure dgn folding bike ada la.
@xiM said…
pergi tak floating market kat sana?
Kam Kasturie said…
Tak sempat, ptg hujan. Floating market at Klonghae only available between 5-9pm from Friday to Sunday. Lain kali boleh pegi lagi.

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