Sundown Ultra Marathon - 100km!!!

No no no.... I'm not going to run 100km ultra marathon. Not yet because I don't have enough time to train. However, I have a wonderful friend Juliana Ali who will be running Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon on 25th June 2011 for a charity!!! She's an accomplished triathlete, she did many races including Ironman Langkawi. However, this is her first ever ultra marathon. It is as tough as Ironman... maybe tougher... I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she will be suffered :P
Here, I would like to call all my friends out there to support her in effort to collect donation for Earthquake & Tsunami victims in Japan. She's working with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society as her official NGO partner for this charity event. Details about the donation can be found in her blog


All the best Julie! Hope you will finish it!


Julie said…
salam. thank you Kam !! :) i appreciate this :) harap2 tak suffer la..heeheee...we'll see how it goes after i cross that finish line insyaAllah. you are an accomplished triathlete yourself, and keep up all the good stuff. the last line yg you tulis in Jap tuh, i tak pahamm....!!! May Allah Bless you Kam.
Kam Kasturie said…
You're welcome Julie. I'm very proud of you. I was saying thank you to the readers and wishing you & Japan best of luck.

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