Labor day weekend with my babies

Spending time with my kids always therapeutic for me. They calmed me down when I'm facing all the problems in my life. They also give me the meaning of life.
During Labor Day weekend, I took an effort to go to JB to be with them. It was the first I saw Dmi in his school uniform. This is a little small things that I missed being a father. We had a good time and I think we should do this more often. At their grandparents house on the last day, Dmi showed me Mr. Bean's Teddy & Penguin he got on his b'day years ago. He said he will cuddle both toys when he misses mommy & daddy. My poor baby :(
Hope I can take them back to live with me soon.


Anonymous said…
my heart breaks looking at the picture of your youngest boy holding his teddy bear
i don't understand why they can't live with you
from reading your posts
i believe they're not living with their mom
but your former in-laws
fight for them
and make them happy
you won't regret it
i will pray for their happiness
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks Anonymous. They are not with their mommy, they stay with my former in-laws. And I don't think she even care to take them back since she has a new family.

I have no complaint with in-laws, because they are taking a good care of them except the distance. It is hard for me to see them more often.

Hope I would be able to take them back soon.
Anonymous said…
Stumbled upon your blog. You remind me of a person I know who is also a good father to his boys even though he is no longer with their mother. The difference is I supposed, he and his ex has a very good and close relationship although his ex is married to another man and his boys all stay with her. I wish it is the same for you because it breaks my heart to see you and them knowing how you have to leave them each time, and more so when you said your ex has a new family and don't care about taking them to stay with her. I do not know what your situation is right now since this post has been many years ago. But I hope that you are in a good place now to have the boys stay full time with you, and that they are growing up with you by their side full time now. Time passes really fast and if you do not spend as much time with them, those valuable time would be lost and all you have would be regrets. And you seems too good a person to end up having regrets. Wish you and your boys all the best.
Kam Kasturie said…
Hi Anynomous,

They are teenagers now. Like to spend time with friends than the parents. Dmi is studying in boarding school now and Ian will go for tertiary education soon. Things turn out better. Their mother also spending more time with them. Thanks for your concerns. Wish you a happy and wonderful life. Cheers!

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