Sundown Marathon 2011 (42km)

Sundown Marathon is my 11th marathon, the race to beat the sunrise. You must finish the race before the sunrise. The race started at 2200hrs from Changi Exhibition Center. We were running through road next to Changi Runaway and then we got into ECP (East Coast Park). It is a very long park about 10km long. There were many people at the park that night. I didn't achieve my target to finish in 5 hours but I completed the race without any injuries.

Thanks to Kash for giving me a ride to Singapore and Luvis for helping me with the race kit collection & hostel booking. It was a pleasant trip for me :)


@xiM said…
i wish one day dapat lah aku berlari 42 km macam ni..sekarang nak habiskan 5 km pun agak seksa..haha..

congrats to u!
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks bro. Nearly anyone can do a marathon. With lots of training & determination, u pun boleh buat.

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