PD Triathlon 2011

My first triathlon this year and my 5th PD Tri of entire career. I never missed it since 2007. I always wanted to bring my family here since the first year I did PD Tri because this is almost a perfect race to get your family to witness you completing a race without having to wait for too long under the blazing sun and enjoy the holiday at the same time. Unfortunately, a bachelor like me, I spent time with friends. Maybe next year if I'm lucky I will bring along my kids here.

Race kit collection at Avillion Admiral Cove

With usual suspects (triathletes)

And other friends, Ironmen!

It was my 2nd ride this year on my steed. 40km bike was kacang lah!

1.5km swim also wasn't a big deal. See... i still smiling out of water. Yummy!!

10km run also easy peasy
Because I'm a superman! jeng jeng jeng

Well, this is the toughest part.... driving home alone after the race. I almost had an accident because I doze off a few miliseconds behind the wheel.... gosh!

Another one for my collection.


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