Wan Cu & Tok Cu

This is my dad's auntie, fondly known as Wan Cu Semah. She's been raised by my late great grandmother since small although no direct blood related. To my dad she's like a mother to him after my late grandmother passed away 15 years ago. We went to visit Wan Cu Semah & her husband Tok Cu Lazim. Tok Cu was a policeman and used to work in Singapore. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood. Tough old guy. They have 7 children, two dozens of grandchildren and a dozen great grandchildren. These octogenarians still healthy and strong. 
They stick together through thick and thin... respect!!

All the children. One passed away 20 years ago.

They live in this kampung house, only two of them.


Anonymous said…
love the house...ooo it's superman!;)


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