TG-1, my new running companion

Introducing my new running companion in many upcoming races in the future.... (drum roll pls....)
Olympus TG-1 iHS !!!
Olympus' design department did a good job!

It looks so much better than other tough cameras out there. Other models I considered before I buy TG-1 were Lumix DMC-TS4, Coolpix AW100, DSC-TX20 & Optio WG2. Why did I choose TG-1? Simply because the aperture F2.0. Fast lens is very crucial when I need to take photo in very low light condition and high speed photography especially during the race. Other tough features including dustproof, 100kgf crushproof, shockproof from 2 meter drop, -10C freezeproof and 12 meter deep waterproof. Very deep actually but I still need waterproof casing if I want to bring it for diving because we dive beyond 12 meter deep.
Even the movie in HD 1080p.

Checkout some of the photos I captured below

Use your creativity
Dramatic scenes
Pop Art filter, enrich the colors
I like this one, watercolor filter
Miniature filter
Ladies will love this features. The camera can beautify you!!
Before and after beautification

In-door without flash
The Maserati was captured nicely without flash
This is exactly 180 degrees panorama scene
 Before this, I had to snap 3 photos at different exposure level and combine the photo manually using Photoshop just to get HDR effect. Now, with TG-1 just one touch I can get this photo.
HDR shot
Some useless features to me
Macro shots
At poolside
 Let see if this camera can be submerged underwater.

Underwater shots

I think this is the best tough camera you can get in the market at the moment.

Oh forgot to tell you how much did I buy. I bought it for RM1230 at Low Yat Plaza. Average price around RM1300.


RaYzeef said…
wahh cantik outcome dia Kam.....pastikan ambik gambar wa banyak-banyak lepas ni ya.. :p
Kam Kasturie said…
Boleh tarak hal, tapi ko lari jgn tinggalkan aku.
tsar said…
pehhh.. best best!
make sure lock camera tu betul2. my utough 6020 dah weng sebab somehow bila tgh amik underwater camera, it was unlocked. bila tah terusik lak punat tu.
Kam Kasturie said…
TG-1 ada double locking mechanism. So, mmg kena double confirm dah properly lock baru boleh masuk dlm air.

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