PD International Triathlon 2012

I never missed PD Triathlon since 2007. The only triathlon doses I got for last year & this year. How did I train?? I only cycled once about 30km since last year PD Tri just to check the bike and I swam twice since last year in the pool for about 500m each. Well, OD is nothing compare to Ironman and I finished in 3:26hr. To me, the race is a gathering among our triathlete friends and we had so much fun doing it every year.

Race kit collection, carbo-loading & race briefing
The sea was calmed but too crowded with swimmers. This year PD Tri race organized by Mr. Chan has broken the record with the most participated triathlon event in Malaysia with approximately 1800 participants in all categories.
Cycling also easy-peasy. This year, I saw someone riding the same zebra bike Aqua Sapone and I did drafting behind him for several kilometers. 
The weather was hot during running leg. About 50% of the route near the beach. Some people didn't like it but I was glad we running under the shades. I also met a sweet girl named Wen Li from Penang during the run, she helped pace me for a few kilometers.
The best thing after race is mingling around with tri buddies like Nurina & families, OP Stupe, Julie & husband, Arif & Senn, Nik Raiha, Luvis, Ezan & OP Mantat, OP Pakoq, Sabri, Robi, Mahi, Erni, YKK (in Mario suit), Chris, Yim, Azwat and many others to mention here.
After race
I also made new friends like Mahdi, Elly, Ivan, Jeremy, Syerol, just to name a few.


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