Craze Ultra 101km Marathon

I didn't know what I get myself into when I sign-up for the race. If I can do Ironman, I'm pretty sure I can do Ultramarathon as well. But the choice between 101 km or 100 miles category, separate me between being nut or totally insane. Or maybe those running both distances are crazy after all. The race organized by Running Guild with Ben as the highly reputable race director. The event turned up to be great and well organized.

The journey start with Ray & me took a bus from TBS to Singapore. We checked in at a hostel in Lavender street. Arman, Zinov, Azrul & Zul already waiting for us at the hostel lobby. After checked-in, Ray and me went to Bugis to carbo-load with Singaporean runners Asry, Aiman & Yo Ming. For the first time, I almost puke from over-eating.

Before race
 On the race day, we checked-in at the start line very early morning at 5am to pick-up race kit and donate some of my urine & blood sample for scientific study. Yes, I became a guinea pig. The race start at 7am with wave start for every 2 mins by category. The first 10km was pretty easy. Being a newbie in Ultra race, I wasn't sure how fast the pace should I run. I saw some people running like a normal marathon pace, some started very slow.... so slow, I couldn't even follow their pace.
The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is I have courage to start
The next 20km was still ok because I ran slower than my normal marathon pace.
The reason we race isn't so much to beat each other, but to be with each other
We ran At Woodland Waterfront and I could see Johor Bahru from this side. I ran together with Cikgu Syed along this stretch. We did "Gangnam Style" run here and were caught on the camera.
Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life we well lived
I was lucky to have Kash & Rais to support us. Kash cooked us porridge and chicken curry with steam rice. I told them I don't want to have lunch yet at CP3. Will look for them at CP 4.
Met Kash & Rais together with their son Dharma at CP3
I reached CP4 nearly 1 pm but Kash & Rais were not there. I have ran about 40 km and the weather was blardy hot.  
It was so tough between CP4 and CP5 due to extreme heat
There were not shades at all on the route after CP4 towards CP5. It was open space and the road very dusty with many dump trucks carrying soils and sands moving along. My body slowly shutdown and couldn't run anymore due to extreme heat. Between CP4 & CP5 only 11km apart but I felt like forever.

It was mental game, one step at a time took me to CP5 (u-turn point)
Finally around 3:35 pm I arrived at CP5 (50.5km) the turning point for those racing in 101km category. I ate my lunch prepared by Kash, cleaned-up my body and solat Jama' Takdim while waiting for the sun to set. Here, I met Ironman Fathi who is running 100 miles. He flew in from Brunei to take part in the race.
Good rest for nearly one and half hours at CP5
I left CP5 at 5 pm and on the way out I bumped into Carin. I don't think she would be able to finish 100miles at this pace. After a good rest, I started my 2nd half by running all the way to CP4 and met Rais and Kash there for another round of food reloading.
There is no time to think about how much I hurt, there is only time I run
Then I continue running to CP3. At this point I have ran nearly 70km. The longest distance I ever run at one go.
Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up
At CP2, I saw Tahara-san a Japanese working in Singapore bonked laying on the ground surrounded by his pacers including Yumiko-chan. They were all surprised looking at me still fresh after 80km of running. I told them the secret is how you load yourself during the race. Just eat as much as you can. I managed to walk to CP1 without stopping. But after CP1, I was so tired, so painful and so sleepy to continue. Lucky me, a Singaporean runner Eugene helped push my back and forcing me to run with my eyes closed (one of the skills you need to master in Ultramarathon). Thank God, after nearly 3 hours since CP1 I made it to finish line around 4am. It took me 21 hours 26 minutes to complete 101km course with placing number 31 out of 83 runners (only 56 runners completed the race)
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
After saying goodbye to Eugene, I immediately went to sleep while waiting for the day.
After the race
This event is the race of the year for me. It took me 3 months preparation for the race and I'm glad I completed the race injury free. Other friends in 101 km category, Cikgu Syed completed the race in 16:42 and Arman & Zinov did it in 28:49. Razif who was doing 100 miles crossed the finish line in just 12 minutes before cut-off. Congrats Cikgu, Arman, Zinov & Razif! Now I have to start thinking of doing 100 miles in the future.  
My proud achievement
Thanks to everybody for the wishes and encouragement from friends, family & colleagues. Those words actually motivated me to keep on running and pounding the road until I crossed finish line. Some of friends actually following my racing progress via facebook update. Thanks to Razif for arranging the trip to Singapore. Thanks Kash & Rais for their technical & logistics supports during the race. Thanks to Ben & Running Guild staff for well organized event. Thank God, I'm living my dream right now. Alhamdullillah.

Timing Result
CP - Check-in - Check out
Start - 07:04hrs (Saturday)
CP1 - 0830hrs - 0832hrs
CP2 - 0952hrs - 0957hrs
CP3 - 1120hrs - 1131hrs
CP4 - 1254hrs - 1305hrs
CP5 - 1535hrs - 1701hrs
CP4 - 1913hrs - 1925hrs
CP3 - 2051hrs - 2115hrs
CP2 - 2255hrs - 2322hrs
CP1 - 0128hrs - 0143hrs (Sunday)
Finish - 0422hrs (21 hours 26 minutes 28 seconds)


kuchalana said…
respect bro..

let the insanity continue..
Kam Kasturie said…
Well done to you too bro! Aku lupa nak tulis pasal ko punye achievement. Nanti aku amend the write-up. Next year jom buat 100 miles pulak :)
RaYzeef said…
Ini semua kerja gila! Insaf aku! Congrats and welxome to 100km club
Anonymous said…

Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks Ray & LS. It was tough and wasn't fun like running a marathon. But I can brag I've done 100km ultramarathon :)
eezard_vazz said…
Truly inspiring me to do Ultra next year, insya Allah... Congratz bro.. Even nuts are less nuttier than u guys, Ultramen... hehee
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks bro! Anybody can do Ultra with positive mental strength and enough training. Hope to see you in ultra race next year.

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