Pacesetters 30km Run

Before race

During the race, pix courtesy of Tey & Vivien.

After race

Another one for collection

No photo during the run. I didn't feel want to bring the camera. The race started at Padang Merbuk with 15km hilly loop around double hills in Bukit Tunku, Jalan Duta, Segambut Dalam. I ran extra 500m because I went back to start line after first loop when I forgot my helmet left on the bike. I was worried someone might steal it. After leaving it at baggage counter, I continued the run.

15km - 1:39:39
30.5km - 3:41:06


Anonymous said…
21 marathons...congrats! :)

Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks LS but it wasn't marathon. The marathon is a 42.195km race. Anything less is not marathon, anything more is ultramarathon.

Those who still think 10km race is marathon should read this
eezard_vazz said…
Congratz Bro... U were 9min faster than my finishing time... Luv the second loop of 15km... Really push my limit of tolerance and endurance even further... =D
Kam Kasturie said…
Well done to you too bro! You clocked great timing.

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