Putrajaya 12-hour Walk 2013

I took part in last year's race and I had so much fun. So, I signed up again this. Other usual suspects were Lorraine, Arfian, Faris, Jason, Mohan, Ejah, Kien Boon and others. Unfortunately, I felt miserable this year going round and round in 1km loop like a hamster! No matter how hard I tried to shake my hip like a sexy hula hoop girl dancer, I still couldn't walk fast enough. I did 56km last year but this year, once I completed 42nd loop (yup, marathon distance), I stopped walking and continue with sleeping. The great thing is I brought Ian and Dmi along and they slept in the tent. Another camping trip this year.... in the middle of Putrajaya!!
I would like to thank Pacat team, Arman, Zul & Zinov for feeding me and my kids during the race. 
A long race but not many photos taken


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