Celcom 25th Anniversary Dinner

I have deep respect for people who arranged the dinner. It wasn't easy job to facilitate over 4 thousands people coming from nationwide to gather for a dinner. The intricacy of the d├ęcor could have taken huge effort by committees. Kudos to them!
Early the year, our CEO had announced that 25th anniversary will going to be huge. When there was nothing special happened throughout the year, I anticipated something exceptional, extraordinary, festive, memorable going to happen during the anniversary dinner. In fact, the dinner was a gala! I wonder how much money spent for it. Everybody came in their best dresses with high expectation.
Well, I better keep my opinion to myself because I already upset  someone in top management with my ranting about the dinner in FB. Don't want to be sound like ungrateful bastard. I love Celcom and I always work hard for this company. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the dinner, I truly am! I'm sure the rest of the staff feel the same too. Syabas Celcom sempena ulang tahun ke 25!!

I gotta wear my first bow tie

Enjoyable concert by the local artistes


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