The Inaugural Malaysian Women Marathon

This is much awaited event for all ladies out there who wish to race in women only event. It will be held on 7th April 2013 in i-City Shah Alam. 

Pls refer to this link for detail.

By the way, if you wish to run your first marathon and do not have confidence or a pacer to help you continue pounding the tarmac. Wait no more ladiesssss!!! The most eligible Ironman (ehemm ehemm that's me ;) ) will take you to the finish line in one piece. Thanks to hotmama Karen Loh for promoting my name to be a pacer in this race. Let's register and c'mon join bunch of other ladies that already under my wings to complete their first ever marathon. Don't worry my darling, I'll be gentle... hehehe

OK, my target is to pace them to complete the race in 6 hours. In order to clock 6 hours timing you must have done sub 3-hour half marathon before. If you never run a half marathon before, don't dream of doing a full marathon. Although marathon only double the distance, but the pain is triple more awful. If you don't have  a proper training plan, you can follow my simple program. Three months before the race, you should be doing 40km mileage every week (I assume you already built your foundation and conditioning your body). What you can do is to run 10km twice during weekdays and one long LSD 20km during the weekend. Don't forget to taper down in two weeks before the race. In the final week, you should only be doing 10km mileage and to keep your legs fresh on the race day, don't do any running a day before. Make sure you do carbo-loading too.

Well, see you ladies at the starting line.


kuchalana said…
c u at starting line.. cam biasa.. aku pace mem besar .. hahahaha
Kam Kasturie said…
Suzie dah buat ultra marathon. Takkan nak kena pace lagi kot...hahaha
@nannoor said…

Jumpa di starting point ya :)
Kam Kasturie said…
See you there Farah. Jgn lupa tegur kalau terjumpa nanti.

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