Thank you Celcom for a free iPhone5

When my boss found out this is my first iPhone, he commented I was not cool enough for not using Apple products. Actually, my first PC was Macintosh Performa 5200. I was a Mac User before I learn to use Windows.

Why didn't I buy iPhone before, because I already have Blackberry given by my company. To me, Blackberry already served the purpose. Only recently, I was planning to buy either iPhone or S3 because my Blackberry keeps having problem. Based on technical specification S3 is more superior than iPhone but iPhone IOS gives better user experience compare to Android. I was about to buy an iPhone, when all Celcom staff received an e-mail saying that we all going to get an iPhone5 each. Of course, we thought it was a prank initially until our CEO Dato Shaz mentioned it in his 25th anniversary video recording, we convinced it is a real deal.

Many of our friends who are not working with Celcom are jealous when the news spreading over facebook. Tell you what, you can also enjoy this latest device, just dropping by at any Celcom Blue Cube and check out our best iPhone plan in town. 

A brand new iPhone 5

It's longer & leaner than previous model 4S

Bought a tough cover because I'm very abusive with my device


Unknown said…
aku baru tau kau ade blog..brp kau beli casing cygnett tu? mcm cool.
Kam Kasturie said…
RM79. Aku beli kat Kedai komputer kat e-curve.

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