Trail Running at FRIM

Training for ultra trail marathon has just begun last week. I ran 17km trail running twice in a week (just one day apart) at FRIM. Beautiful trail, serene skies, tranquil life, peaceful environment and alone most of time in the jungle all by myself.

Alone in the jungle... scary if you're not use to it
Bumped into my OP batch mates & ultraman
Some photos in action (with a blood sucking creature)
More familiar faces along the way
Panorama view
You can see Petronas Twin Towers & KL tower from here
Pinus Trail leading to Steroid Hill (helipad)
I'm floating!


cikgu omar said…
Hi Kam,

Saw your Blog while collecting materials for Signages at Forest Parks.

Appreciate if you could spare some time on this Survey. Thanks for your help!
Kam Kasturie said…
Survey done. I left some suggestions that might be good for the authority to implement.
Anonymous said…
Jog while it last, today 15Mar2015 - fences were notice to be building across the Pinus Trail. No idea on the purpose...
Kam Kasturie said…
Maybe a new property development??

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