Newton Run 2013

It was my final event for 2013. I never miss sign up for race every year and this year I was planned to run as fast as I can in my new Sketchers Go Bionic. This shoes should make me run faster because it did change my running style. On the race day, Eena requested me to pace for her. I was a bit baffled when a fast runner (Eena is sub 4:30hr marathoner) requests me to pace, I accepted the challenge because I was expecting to be dropped by her half way. Fortunately, I'm the one who pulled her throughout the race. Either I run faster now with my new Go Bionic now or she was slacking up with her training. Anyway, we clocked 2:46hr for 25km distance. In fact it wasn't bad timing at all for a hilly course in Bandar Kinrara.
During race

After race
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