Trip to Siem Reap

Flight to Siem Reap

The flight was early morning, and I had to bother my next door neighbor to send me off to KL Sentral to catch first ERL to KLIA2. 
Beautiful morning at KLIA2

Caught a rainbow

Siem Reap airport

Sakara Villa

Nice place with great service and the owner was very pleasant

Siem Reap City

A small river in the middle of Siem Reap

Angkor National Museum

Tour to temples

Angkor Wat

First thing to do is purchase the entry pass

I bought one day pass cost me USD20

What I read, this wall was coated with gold before.

I really appreciate the intricacy art

Structure in the middle of the temple

the climb was quite steep

At one of the corners in temple ground


many women sculptures around the temple


Bayon is one of my two favourite temples. The distinctive feature is multitude massive of stone faces on the towers. Those individual faces are actually unique. 

many faces here


Baphuon temple located just next to Bayon. It is three-tiered temple mountain built would have made it roughly 50 meters tall.

Banteay Srey

This temple located about 26 km from the city. I strongly suggest to get a better transport other than tuk tuk. The temple built from red sandstone and the decorative walls carving are very intricate, suits with the what they call it "jewel of Khmer art"

Ta Prohm

One my favorite temples is Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm has been left in the same condition in which it was found. Trees growing out of the ruins have made it very calm and peaceful place. There were times I was all alone and feel like in the movie set of Tomb Raider. 

Banteay Kdei

It was the last temple I visited before going back to hotel. It was like any other temples around this area and I feel like going to vomit sandstone. Okay, I had enough of temple for the rest of my life.

Halal food

Alhamdullillah, there are quite a number of muslim community in Siem Reap. I have no problem finding halal food in this city. Not plenty of choices but I can try different restaurants every day. 
In one of the restaurant, the waiter was very pretty

Siem Reap is not a huge city. You can cover it in just a day. To visit Angkor Wat and other temples also you just need a day. You don't have to visit all temples, just a few is more than enough. I think 3-4 days trip to Siem Reap is just nice. 


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