Umrah, A Spiritual Journey to Holy Land

I was thinking to perform umrah several years before, but somehow I never register for it until one day Firdaus my brother-in-law invited me to join him for the trip. There were my sisters Yatie & Maria together with their husbands in the group. Like anyone else, I got nervous to go on this trip because I heard so many mystical things happened to many people. Well, I did lots of naughty things before..hehe

Makkah Al Mukarramah

The journey started at KLIA. Since we were going straight to Mecca, we have to be in ihram when boarding the plane. We flew on fully charted United Airways using a very old Airbus A200 with stopover in Dhaka for refueling. It took us about 12 hours to reach Jeddah where direct flight only takes 8 hours.  The aircraft was cramped up with so many seats and no inflight entertainment at all. What did we do during that 12 hours?? Sleeping, eating, chatting, dzikir and solat.

I have been facing toward Kaaba's direction since the first time I prayed, and finally after I hit 40, I was able to see Kaaba right in front of my eyes. Alhamdullilah! I can't describe the feelings.  
People performing tawaf around Kaaba 

After tawaf and saie, I completed my first umrah by shaving my head bald.

Weird look me with balding upin & ipin... haha

Less people at night time

The door entrance into Kaaba

The blackstone "hajarul aswad". People are fighting to touch and kiss it for whatever reasons they have.

Now Masjidil Haram is very heavily under construction. Look at those monster cranes!

Masjid Taneem miqat ihram

Ziarah to Arafah and Jabal Rahmah

Climbing Jabal Noor

Trip to visit Hiraq Cave

Everyone managed to reach the top

Stunning view from up here

Visit to Museum

Tasting "jamal"

My roomates Amin and Shakir. From the picture you know who is the naughtiest one. 

 Madinah Al Munawara

Traveling to Madinah. Along the way, we saw desert monkeys.

It was very cold at night in Medina

Thanks to Nazrimi for treating us with the best Nasi Arab. 

I always fascinated with these giant umbrellas

The umbrellas closed at 5pm everyday

They look like missiles launcher

Ziarah around Medina

My sisters and brother-in-laws. 

Surrounding Jabal Uhud

Uhud mountain

Raudah and Makam Rasulullah

Surrounding Masjid Nabawi

Merchants around Masjid Nabawi

Trip to pasar kurma

Final day before leaving to the airport

Enduring another 12 hours flight....

I pray all my friends will be given a chance to perform their umrah soon. Inshaa Allah.
May Allah bless you.


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