Ironman Langkawi 2016

The final edition Ironman Langkawi 2016. Fiza has been preparing for the race for the past one year. It is not easy to training for Ironman, twice a day, 6 days a week, for 5-6 months of no social life.
She has been very dedicated and determined to finish the race no matter what. I tried my best to accompany her whenever I can during weekly training. With support from family and friends, she managed to finish her Ironman race in very good timing. Better than mine! And placing top 7 Malaysian women ranking.

Traveling to Langkawi

Race expo and race kit collection center

Hall of Fame!

Her name in participant list

Test water

She looked poised and calm

Checking out the routes

Interviewed by local medias

Getting ready on race day
Photo before start
Cheerful and ready

Race venue
Swim... 3.8km


Bike... 180km


Run... 42.2km

Last push to finish line

Sun still up after heavy down pour

Friends on the run

Lonely run... but I was there to support her

It was mental game

Finally.... 352 Hafiza Othman from Malaysia... YOU ARE AN IRONMAN.....!!!!

Photos with friends and supporters

Astounding result!!

Enjoy the video I make from countless footages and photos I took during the race.


You guys make a great team. Happy for both of you. Kira ko macam Patrick Lameux laki Gwen Jorgensen la. Dia sanggup korbankan kerjaya sukan dia untuk wife dia yg ada better potential.
Kam Kasturie said…
You're right Syafei! I'm nobody just a casual athlete, don't really do my training, race only for fun and like taking photos of other participants. I got no sponsorship, crowd don't follow my media social, I'm not being featured in any newspapers, magazines or on TV. Maybe I should dedicate my time to support Fiza pursuing her dreams.

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