Bike Trip to Ironman Langkawi 2018

This year no Ironman race for both of us. So, we decided to go to Langkawi to support our friends who were competing in Ironman and at the same time, we had our long overdue bike trip together.

We rode from Sepang to Kuala Perlis in 6 hours to catch Roro Ferry because we brought in the GS onto the island. This is the first time I rode the GS long distance. I rode halfway from home and Fiza rode the bike from Ipoh until after Penang.  It was a very rare experience for a guy to have a lady rides a GS and you are pillion at the back. She could handle the bike smoothly and at some stretches, she ramped up the throttle to hit 180km/h speed. Yes, she is a speed demon! From Penang onward I took over the bike again.

It was so much fun than driving a car
Amazing... she can handle this beast!

At Kuala Perlis, we RV with Syuk & his family. They also drove up from KL because they have 5 kids and it was easier to bring the car onto the island.
At Kuala Perlis
On Roro Ferry near Bukit Malut port

The next day we accompanied Syukran for his personal "nazar" to run 100km around Langkawi. We managed to run 30km from Pantai Chenang to Pantai Pasir Hitam. Then we took Grab back to Chenang.

30km run for both of us and Syuk continued up to 70km
Am I look taller here? Let's take another picture.
Yesss... Now I look taller right?...hehe

The next day we ran at Breakwater for recovery but we did extra mileage to explore on the other side of the bridge and end-up did a 12km run.
We ran at breakwater... this is our favorite place every time we came to Lgk

After the run, we decided to join Syuk and Wawa's family on island hopping. I've been to Langkawi many times before but this was the first time I joined island hopping. We went to 3 islands.... out of these 3 islands, Pulau Dayang Bunting is the best we think. We took a dip into the freshwater lake in Dayang Bunting island to cool off. It was very hot weather.

The boat ride was fun!

Pulau Dayang Bunting
Freshwater lake at Pulau Dayang Bunting was nice
Pulau Beras Basah was so so only...nothing much you can do here
Being here in Lgk with my loved one is like going for a honeymoon trip again

On the race day, we woke up a bit late. So, we have to take a longer route to Pantai Cock due to the road closure. We managed to catch the swim leg for the full Ironman but for 70.3, most of them already left the transition area for the bike leg. It was a heavy storm for a few moments near the end of the swimming leg. I heard some have been scoped out of the water.
At Pantai Kok for the swim leg
We were riding the GS throughout the cycling loop
Well done to all the IM finishers!
40th IM Anniversary... Thank you to Ironman for uniting 2 of us... love from IM Kam & IM Fiza

On the final day, we rode back to KL directly but short stopping at several places for makan2 and photoshoot
Sweet tak? ;)

Photoshoot near a paddy field

It was a fantastic trip and both of enjoyed it so much. Looking forward to more bike trips in near future.


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