R1200GS Rallye 2018

I have been dreaming about GS since long time ago. It all started in 2002, I have this vision of going for a bike tour with my wife sitting at the back and hugging me from behind. Yup, it was that long ago and at that point in time, the model was R1150GS. In 2003, I bought MZ125SM with a beak which closest look to GS. Many people thought I bought a BMW but actually, it was MZ supermotard with a small 125cc engine. In 2004 I watched TV series "Long Way Round" of 31,000km adventures by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York going East through Europe, Asia, Alaska & America. I immediately fell in love with the GS.

I like motorcycle since childhood but GS is the ultimate one. Big cc motorcycles are very expensive in Malaysia due to import tax but for the past 4 years, but I notice the price of these motorcycles has dropped for CKD.

In 2014, when I wanted to buy a big cc bike, I checked out the 1200GS and it had a hefty price tag. It didn't justify for me to purchase which the price of the bike equivalent to half price of my apartment... yes, I'm living in a cheap apartment. I guess I have the ability to discipline myself for delayed gratification in the short term, in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term. Eventually, I settled down with a cheaper CKD KTM Duke 690R. Yes, only at 40 years old I bought a big bike.

When I read the news about BMW is going to open a factory in Thailand along with Ducati, I foresee the price will drop and I think I could get this bike real soon. At 45 years old, I have enough saving, I'm not too old to be a biker "kental" and I can enjoy the bike long before I get weak or too sick to ride or no longer interested in riding anymore. 

In fact, before I decided on GS, I also considered MT-09 Tracer, Adv 1050, MTS Enduro 950 or Africa Twin. But when I asked around people who are active in touring, most of them said GS is the best to go for. People have a perception only "org kaya" ride GS but I've met a taxi driver who owns not one but two GS at service center recently. All you need to do is prioritize what important to you. Like me, I'm not into a car. So, I still keep my 14 years old car Naza Citra and I don't spend money on a car. I hope it will continue to serve me well and it doesn't cause me any major problems. 

List of bike I rode/owned
1992-1999: Honda C70 -72cc (belong to my dad)
1999-2003: Honda EX5 - 97cc
2003-2018: MZ125 SM - 123cc
2014-present: KTM Duke 690R - 690cc
2015-present: Yamaha Nouvo 135 - 135cc
2018-present: BMW R1200GS Rallye - 1170cc

The model I got is R1200GS Rallye with the blue color frame as the trademark which was released in 2017 to bridge the gap between standard GS and GSA. Actually, Ralleye is more off-road-biased with stiffer spring rates, longer spring struts and added travel. Will I bring it to off-road?? Hmm, maybe not...hahaha. But I like the design and color. Unfortunately, right after I got the bike, BMW launched a new GS with bigger cc R1250GS... pfftttt... %#@*&!

The showroom is very fantastic. Many models for you to fondle... errr I mean the bikes. 

 The sales guy treated me nicely, probably I look like someone who has money to spend.

It is a premium bike although made in Thailand.

With the premium of standard components

It is a big & tall motorcycle and I feel small standing next to it, luckily I didn't get the GSA

One day after I picked-up the bike

At Pengakalan Balak

We went riding to Melaka twice within a month


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