BUTM 2019 50km

Our first race this year since the TMBT last year. Same state Sabah but in a different place, at Kiulu. The view of the 10-15km was fantastic! After that not much to see. However, we managed to take a dip in one of the rivers. So refreshing, although the weather was extremely hot. We finished the race in 15:24hr which is worse than TMBT but we had so much fun. As usual, Fiza left me behind the last 4km before the finish line... :P

Enjoyable flight

We tried capsule hotel. Very nice & cheap. We watched Capt Marvel. as well

Morning run in KK

Race kit pick-up then off to AirBnB at Kiulu

Race day. View the first 10km was amazing.

Steep elevation in the first half

Organizer provided good makan at CP. The weather was extremely hot.

More forgiving elevation in the 2nd half, unlike TMBT. We finished in 15 hours ++

We went to Jambatan Tamparuli and had dinner with my RMC junior at KK waterfront.

Alhamdulilllah, we always had a great time together.


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