Weekend jaunt to Brisbane

The following weekend after the trip to Adelaide, Fiza got another a day off in Brisbane. Since I never been to Brisbane before, I joined her trip to down under again within a week.

Trip to Australia again
 Like the Adelaide trip, the flight was at night and we arrived at Brisbane Airport in the morning. After Fiza got her rest at the hotel, we went out looking for lunch. Then we jalan-jalan at the shopping arcade.
Around the city center
 In the evening, we went out running along the river. The view by the river bank was spectacular. The city is alive at night, unlike Adelaide. There were events and people were busy everywhere.
A short run along the river
 The next day, we went to Warner Bros. Movie World near the Gold Coast. Joining us another 2 stewardesses Trista & Rachel but captain bailed out last minutes. It took 1 hour to get there by train. The theme park was full of visitors because it was Saturday. We have to queue for half an hour to enjoy some of the rides. Queuing 30 mins, but the ride just under 1 minute.  
Trip to the Movie World
 Fiza was too scared to play some of the rides but I managed to con her to try Green Lantern Ride. She said her heart rate shot up through the roof during the ride....hahaha. Well done Sayang!
Fun fun fun!!
 After a day-long at the Movie World, we went to Surfers Paradise Beach at Gold Coast. Although the weather was cold, I can see a few people enjoy swimming in the water. I saw many people from the Middle East walking on the beach. Probably they're escaping hot summer in the northern hemisphere. We went back to the hotel after we had our usual dinner Fish & Chips.
Surfer Paradise Beach, Gold Coast
 Thank you Sayang for taking me along jalan-jalan to enjoy the perk working as a cabin crew. I love you so much and looking forward to more honeymoon trip soon.
Going home...


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