Weekend jaunt to Adelaide

Fiza got a day off in Adelaide at the end of July. Since we never utilize free ticket for family members, I decided to join her.
First time I fly in A333 with her onboard

The flight was at night and took about 7 hours. We touched down in the morning. After check-in, Fiza was trying to get some sleep. After midday, she woke up and we explored the city center near the malls' area. 
Around Adelaide till nite
 The following day, we explored the other side of the city. The weather was nice and the sun shines all day long. We went to the museum, gallery & botanical garden.
The next day
 Near the end of the day, we decided to go to Glenelg Beach about 40 mins by tram to catch the sunset. We were lucky, we were on time when we arrived at the beach. The wind was so strong and it was very cold. Before heading home we had a tasty fish and chips at a stall near the beach.
Glenelg Beach

 Although it was a short trip, we were blessed to be able to spend time together despite her busy roster. It was like a honeymoon trip. Hope for many more trips to come in the near future.
Going home


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