Dmi's B'day

Time flies! My cute little fella is all grown up - Dmitri's officially 4 on 15th August! Had a mini party for him - just to make him happy - and sharing the joy that Sunday (19th Aug) were the grandparents, uncles, aunties & his 4 cousins. Dmi chose both the cake (by PrettyFrosting) & the shirt himself (he takes after the mummy where melaram is concerned hehe).

Adam Dmitri Noah

Cute pose

He chose his own b'day shirt Mr. Shark

He chose his own b'day cake too

With his name on the side

4 candles for the 4th b'day

Trying his best to blow off all the candles with one breath

Cousins couldn't wait to take a bite of the cake

Hmm... so good. Ian wants more.

It's fun time!
Hey, that's one funny looking wig!

More cute pose

Ian's present to Dmi, Mr. Bean's Teddy

He loves Teddy very much, they sleep together every night... how sweet.


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