PJ Half Marathon - 12 Aug 2007

My first PJ Half, never done it before altho they claimed PJ Half is one of the oldest running event in Malaysia. I was so late, I started run 30 mins after the half marathon started without put on my number. Ala & Azmar has been waiting for me, somewhere in the middle of Federal Highway. Finally we decided to follow 10km route because no way we can catch up with the cut off time. We might facing a risk of not getting to drink station before they pack up. Better safe then sorry.

Bro, mcm mana ni? Ikut kanan ke? Kita pakai nombor Kategori A ni.

Kita belok kiri lah, dah lewat sgt.

OK, jom ikut 10k punye route tapi nombor kena kasi tanggal la...

We're dashing thru the crowd


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