Genting Nite Run

Some say we're crazy, some say we're nuts... welcome to the Wacko Club! 17 of us ran up Genting Highlands last nite. It's an annual activity during Ramadan as some of us cannot train during the day due to fasting month. Did my first run and bike last year, hence I really look forward to it this year. We started from McD Genting Sempah around 2245hrs. First half 11km to Gohtong Jaya was easy peasy. Some stretch along this route was pitch black. If you don't wear reflective jacket or blinker, there's no way a driver could see you running. We regrouped for a short break at Gohtong Jaya. The second half was like hell. Total distance was only around 9km but the route was 100% uphill - some as steep as 45 degrees. Although not as painful as Marathon, the last 5km to the top - every 100m - was extremely torturous. I made it to the top around 0300 hrs. We regrouped again at Starbucks, First World Hotel before heading back to Genting Sempah for sahur.

RV point in front of McD Genting Sempah. Ishal, MayShen, Azmar & Arif in the pic

Fadhil, OP Shazly & my batchmate in RMC... Upiq

Upiq walked all the way up to Gohtong Jaya. Cayalah bro!!!

Karo running past Azmar & Steve. Azmar shares his homemade power-gel with Steve

Banyak betul ko bawak makanan Puzi, refuel ke melantak ni?

Lepak kejap kedai mamak kat Gohtong Jaya

Killer stretch 4.4km, pernah tergolek dog masa biking kat sini sbb curam sgt.

Yatta!! I made it to the top.

Shiny, happy people... after the run


Anonymous said…
You guys ARE nutz - plain, simple fact! But as long as I get my pair of raya shuz soonest, you can run or bike up Mt Kinabalu for all I care - hehehehhh!!!

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