Mizuno Wave Run 2007

This is the final race before puasa next week. For the past 3 months, I took part in 6 official races and yet I still can't beat Ala's records of 10 consecutive races. Today, many familiar faces I met: Ala, Bean, Joejo, OP Fadhil, Cikgu Adnan (my teacher in RMC), Steve, Vicky, Karo, Mejar Kalam, Wendy, and Ala's parents. Unofficial record 1:07.

Bagus la baju sponsor ni.... Arigato Mizuno!!

With 65 yr-old forever macho Cikgu Adnan, his arms are bigger than mine. He threw me a challenge to run 10k in 50 mins.

OP Fadhil, the "forever young" 56 year old guy

Everyone blasting at the starting line

People from all walks of life, running together

Me, Ala & Wendy in action

Despite going uphill, everyone keep on running

First time in my life that I have to queue up to cross the finish line

Panjang tuh... tapi apasal belah women category kosong jer?

Bean pirated, tak sempat register

I was surprised to see Joejo there. Good start bro, let's do it more often in the future!


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