Farewell 2007.... Welcome 2008!

2007 was a great year for races but not so good on work related.

2007 races & activities
  1. A'Famosa Triathlon
  2. Orange Run
  3. Bukit Merah Triathlon
  4. New Balance Pacesetters
  5. Penang Bridge Marathon
  6. RMC Sg Besi - PD ride
  7. Seremban Half-Marathon
  8. Port Dickson Triathlon
  9. Adidas King of the Road
  10. PJ Half Marathon
  11. Subang Jaya 10k
  12. Mizuno Wave 10k
Hmm... not that many actually compare to Ala but wifey thinks these are too much already. This year my resolution is to take along my family for races outside KL like Zabil always did with his family. This is to maintain my quality time with my family.

2007 work related

  1. I quited Frost in February and joined IDC on the same month.
  2. Some good things I gained from working in IDC are works exposure & opportunities to travel overseas.
  3. I have traveled to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia & Australia.
  4. Although I only worked for 11 months in IDC but I felt like 2-3 years there. This is due to heavy workload and very stressful job. To channel out my stress I took part in races.
  5. During the mid-year 2007, I have so many races to channel out my stress but near the end of year, not many activities going around has resulted pimples problem on my face (muka dah mcm bulan, tangan pun tak boleh dok diam asyik nak kopek jer). Seriously bad until I had to see dermatologist.
Finally, I resigned from IDC (too bad... I like this company very much but not the workload) in December to join Skali Web Services in January 2008. I hope with less workload, my life will become more meaningful.

2007 personal life

  1. On the last day of 2007, I did something that I never imagine I would have to do this in my entire life.... let it be secret for awhile. Probably I will laugh, if I think abt it after few years....hahaha
  2. Too much time spent on works & races have affected my whole family. So, quality time with family also very important.
My new year resolution is "2008 will be family year". I'm going to spend as much time as possible with my family. I took them for granted especially my wife for so many years. So starting from this point of time, it's going to be different. I hope my new company Skali will support me all the way.


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