No no no.... not Human Resource Management. HRM stands for Heart Rate Monitor. I bought it from EBay and it was bloody cheap even after include the shipping charge. The model is Casio Phys CHR-200. Couldn't find it here in Malaysia but a friend bought one model below (CHR-100) in the Tokyo cost RM450, and the same model as mine is around RM600 but I got for less than RM200. Plus shipping, it still cheaper. A bit too complicated to use but... hey trained engineer should know how to read manual rite?

This morning officially used it for the first time. My comment.... for a product that would normally cost me arms & legs but got it just for a thumb, I think it's AWESOME!!! HRM with the largest memory bank ever made and big screen to see the number clearly. I couldn't keep my eyes off the watch looking at heart beat changing every time I change my pace. So impressed with the technology. Recommend to all my friends out there to get one, especially those seriously want to lose weight.


fluotone said…
hahaha "especially those seriously want to lose weight." ... trying to influence me to buy too la tu hehehe - cheers! brian
Kam Kasturie said…
weh... aku dah idc pun ko tak beli lagi????

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