Klang Half Marathon 2008

A not so good 21km run this morning. Carpooled with Ala & his parents together with Azmar on board. Met several familiar faces like Abu & Saiful.

Today, first time I greet Haza aka "Running Mom". We've been seeing her in several races before but never had a chance to say hello.

OP Joejo was there too. In fact his company DCM Tooling sponsored the medals. Nice job bro!! Mcm lambang Superman lah.

All of us did 21k except Ala's parent & Joejo did 10k run. Timing not so impressive. I clocked 2:28 after I was forced to walk due to cramped up. I should have taken ORS & some breakfast before start the race. After completed KL Marathon, I shouldn't take half marathon so lightly. Anything above 10k should be well prepared. Now I learned my lesson :P


haza said…
Hi Kam, nice to have met you! Cramps sure spoil a race big time, huh? But you sure outdo yourself these days, big feats one week after another!
zulhassan said…
taniah, bro. secara tak sengaja terjumpa blog u ni lak.
OP Kam said…
Thanks guys.... this fatso is trying to loose weight. Extra training to shed off a few kgs of FAT....hehehe
haza said…
Kam, do you mind if I put that photo with me in it in my blog? He heh! Thanks!
OP Kam said…
I'll e-mail you the photo in better quality :)
Stupe said…
Kam - getting famous! :D well done bro. See you this Sunday togehter with the thingy i promised!

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