Yatta!!! Kapas-Marang swimathon 2008!

I'm not feeling well after the race. I got 3 days MC after watery spots covered my whole body. I am allergic to something in the sea. Probably the sea bugs or sea lice :P

Just a short write-up, not in mood to write. It was tough race. Like I said before, to cross the start line is already an achievement for me to overcome my fear of doing open sea swim. But to complete the race is beyond my imagination. Like marathon, if you are tired or cramped up you can just sit by the road side waiting for sweeper bus. But in open sea long distance swim, probably they will find you sitting at the bottom of the sea.

One thing I learned from this race..... if you have determination and perseverance added with being a lunatic once a while.... probability to achieve your target is higher. (Oppss... i start talking like an analyst :P)

Thanks to Steve for arranging the trip and inspired me to do the race. Azmar & Ngae for your moral support. Cikgu Adnan (my ex-teacher in RMC) & Mat Licin for being my support crews. Without you guys I could have never completed this race.

Now I know 3.8km swim in Ironman Langkawi is doable :)


Upiq said…
Incredible feat Kam..!!

Push it further... i think there's no limit in what you can do anymore...

The music in your head is getting crazier. Keep listening to it.
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks bro, I think u also in the right path to take part in race soon. Just don't stop training!
Anonymous said…
He who attempts and even barely makes 6.5km can surely do 3.8km (followed by 180k bike and a simple marathon). Next years goal is sub 2hours and 13km! Congrats. S
Anonymous said…
Congrats on another big feat just two weeks after the marathon!
afterburner73 said…
Kau memang gila la Kam! Anyway, congratulations! You rock!
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks for the wishes guys! Wait for more madness attempts coming up after this!

Hmmm.... do u think this is a healthy way to channel out my frustration over my failed marriage?

But I feel good :)
TriStupe said…

Yesterday i had a dream that i had to join the special forces.
afterburner73 said…
Of course it is! girls will drool over your "macho"ness when competing in such events.
yipwt said…
hi kam,

I think I missed you in swimathon...feels great to finish yeah.
bola2api said…
didn't know u completed kapas-marang!


me? one day.. one day..

even if u failed one thing, it doesn't mean u'll fail forever?

everything happens for a reason.. only god knows what it is :) stay positive

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