Start all over again

A friend tells me to change my blog from black, dark & gloomy to other colors which is more vibrant & cheerful. So, officially to show that i'm bouncing back on my feet..... i chose green color as my new template. It looks very fresh. To start fresh, forget all the past and hope for the best.


Kemuning Lendu said…
Thats the spirit !
Life goes on. Forget the past. Focus on yr future.

Serve to Lead
Anonymous said…
I must admit that this is my first time reading your the green background looks does brings out the 'colour'. Enjoy your new life and dont rush into things..You will know "she's the one" when all the signs are clear. So, enjoy your life and never look back!
Stupe said…
I wonder who is that bugger that ask you to change your blog colour. That chap must be on fruits and vegetable diet to lose those extra weights as well!

refresahing start my friend! Well done!
OP Kam said…
My OP Bros.... thanks. Ada la mamat tu yg suggest, but I chose "Hijau" becoz now I took care MOA accounts.

Anonymous.... welcome to my blog. Nothing much to read except my sports activities & "rintihan hati". I found out this is a good way to deal with pains.
Stupe said…
hehehe...Hijau eh? :) Good! Writing is theraputic, yes. I use it to stay sane...but i found out nothing keeps me more sane than swim bike and run!
yatie said…
my favorite color meh! apple green....erm...freshie... :P

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