Diving Trip to Mabul

After climbing up to Laban Rata (3273m above sea level), I flew to the other side of Sabah to dive underwater in Mabul. If you don't know where Mabul is, check out goggle map below;

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Mabul popular due to close proximity to Sipadan. Mabul Island is small oval shape surrounded by sandy beaches. I stayed at Sipadan-Mabul Resort, one of a few dive resorts available in Mabul. From the jetty I could see Sipadan Island and Kapalai Island. The place is so beautiful, I already fell in love with Mabul. The people were very friendly and I made many new friends over there.
I did 8 dives in 3 days at Mabul, Kapalai, Siamil and Denawan. Mabul known as the world's best muck diving if you are interested with small and micro marine lives. While in Kapalai I could see larger fish. I couldn't a get permit to dive in Sipadan this time around. So, I missed to see a school of barracuda, bumphead, jackfish and hammerhead sharks. Some of the species I saw during my diving were all sort of fish, cuttlefish, lionfish, stonefish, flaunders, turtle, flatworm, nudibranch, etc

No doubt this place will be my annual trip diving after this. I already make a plan to comeback in April to dive in Sipadan. Before that I want to take Advanced Open Water certification first.

- Dive safe, dive happy :) -


Unknown said…
Salam..Hai Kam..very inteesting experience...
Kam Kasturie said…
Yes Roza, i enjoyed Mabul so much. You will never get to know the place until you go there.

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