Patong, Phuket

IMG_1975 Patong Beach was empty due to low season… nice weather but where’s everybody else?


Opsss… i said it too fast… raining everyday. My holiday spoiled a bit la :(


Let’s find something to eat…. TomYam Gung!


JungCeylon Shopping Mall. I came here everyday. “Junk Ceylon” was the first name of Phuket in its history. Historians have found the original name of Phuket on the maps of Portuguese sea merchant maps.


Shopping fake items. Poor guy like me can only afford fake branded stuff.


Raining all day long


Not complete a visit to Thailand without watching Muay Thai tournament. But I had to give it a miss, coming back on 29th June night. I wanted to watch that dangerously hot looking Italian babe Muay Thai exponent.


One of the fighters being paraded around the town. He doesn’t look muscular but he has fast kick.


People said Christin Massage is the best soupy massage available in Patong. I did go in to check the place. But no photos allowed :P


Hard Rock Cafe Patong. I went to the shop to buy beer glass for Diana.


The famous Bangla Road during the day. This is where all the nighlife happening. Over 200 bars, pubs & discotheque available here with thousands of beautiful bar girls (gotta be careful coz some of them are ladyboys or transvestites. Very difficult to differentiate). If you come here, you will never go back alone to the hotel and you can bring back 2 if you can handle them.


One of the photos during my visit at night. Had a few drinks with a bar girl name Nat. I was laughing when she said “I’m nut!” It was almost midnight but the place just about to get crowd coming.


Photo from the plane on the way back. Yes, as you can see from the reflection on the window, there was a hot chick with hot pants sitting next to me in the flight.


Sweet little Natalie poking my camera. She’s so cute. I want a daughter with blonde hair…. but first need to find a blondie ;)

Next trip would be Jakarta and then Hong Kong… or maybe Bali.


ian yusof said…
I hope you don't mind brunette .... coz sometimes a blondie can come out of a brunette :) glad u had a blast despite of the rain.
Kam Kasturie said…
I don't mind brunette, red hair also ok...hehehe

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