Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

Obviously not enough time for me to recover from Powerman on the previous Sunday. My body just refused to increase the pace. To make it worse, I didn’t have enough sleep and proper carbo-loading as I took a bus from KL at 3:30pm on Saturday and arrived in Queensbay Mall 5 hours just before the race. Even the weather was not on our side, we were struck by tropical thunderstorm at the middle of the bridge. Imagine you have to run against the wind and I couldn’t look forward to see where am I going. Despite all these I crossed finish line in 5:38hrs. Not my PB though, I’m happy with the timing :)

Bib Name Country Official Net 3722m 18679m 21137m 32988m 37789m
A00857 KAM KASTURIE MALAYSIA 05:39:13 05:38:31 0:23:15 2:14:53 2:38:41 4:18:29 5:02:31


Race started at 2:00am. Very sleepy…uwaaaaa

PB210020 I tried to follow her for the first 12km but I couldn’t keep up with her pace.

PB210027 Running on the bridge.

PB210032OP Azmel 1st Marathon & OP Jabir sub 5 timing.

PB210037 Tropical thunderstorm with heavy rain on the bridge

PB210052 Another 7km more to go…. but the marathon has just started. Glycogen depletion and my body about to shutdown.

PB210057 OP Bandit’s debut Marathon. Covering his nipples after nipple chaffing.

PB210067 Yesss…. the torture almost over.

PB210070 This fella from Singapore, Mr. Mohan Marathon Maniac just completed… not 3… but his 111th Marathon over his entire life. Amazing!!!!

PB210075 OP CK, a marathon grandpa.

PB210077 OP Farouk ran for Rumah Anak Yatim RABEKA also completed his 1st Marathon. Well done!

PB210076 Mr. Azhar Azib from S’pore also has run nearly 40 marathons in his entire career.

IMG_4309 All finishers within the cut-off time get a medal & finisher Tee.

My next race will be Stand Chart S’pore Marathon on 5th December. To those who still being couch potato, only watching EPL on the TV and never wanted to exercise…. please continue doing so. Running a marathon is too much painful and very torturous. You might not enjoy it.


ladycooper said…
Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures
dochisyam said…
What ??
with those beautiful legs, you could not keep up with the 430 lady??
You must be getting old kam...

I tried watching football on tv (at the mamak0 NO SPORTS AT HOME...
Tak sama the 'feel' la kam like hurting yourself in a marathon

Kam Kasturie said…
Tak boleh la, body not fully recovered from Powerman previous week. But i followed other beautiful chicks ;)

Only few people enjoy hurting themselves... hahaha

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