Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012

New year eve always a good time to look back at the past and more importantly looking forward to the coming year. I have achieved nearly all I wanted to do in 2011 such as spending more time with my kids, maintain my fitness level throughout the year, completed some major races, lead my own team at work, enjoy life more and the biggest achievement is having my own place.

Races I took part in 2011

My own place

What's in the house for 2012.
Tokyo Marathon under 5 hours- This is a start for me to race in overseas. Errr... other than Singapore in the past. Maybe racing in Asean like Thai, Cambodia or Indonesia will do less damage to my pocket.

Ultramarathon - To complete a distance longer than a marathon. My aim is Sundown 100km in Singapore in June.

Learn something new - After take up drumming, I want to learn play guitar. I bought one recently. Hope by end of next year, I will be able to impress chicks with my new skill :)

Get back together with my two angels - hope after Ian finishes his UPSR, he will move in with me and then follow by Dmi.

Happy New Year guys! May 2012 will be the best ever to all of you. 


EnAikAY said…
Kotoshi mou yoroshiku ne, Kam-san!

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