Malakoff 12km Run - last race of 2011

My 15th and final race for 2011. It was on the hilly route around Bukit Damansara. This is the time to test your stamina for a short and fast race, I managed to clock 1:13hrs. Didn't do better than last year but it's still an enjoyable race for all of us.

Sweet Nana with her pirate costume. She's the reason people like me joined the race. I hijacked her pirate hat for the photo.

There were Laif, Yusran, Ariff, Nik, Jeli, Jaja, Hadi, Julie, Irwan, Izuan, Azu and many other friends took part in the race. I lost count of how many hills we climbed on the race course.

Photo courtesy of Jason Thai. 
See.. it wasn't that tough, I was happy running :)

A good closing event for my 2011 racing calendar. We had breakfast at Sri Hartamas before heading home. Hope to run my first 2012 race on 1st January 2012.


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