Adventure seeker

Looking foward to do all these before I die
  1. Surfing
  2. Free Diving
  3. Downhill Mountain Biking
  4. Helicopter Skiing/ Snowboarding
  5. Speeding on Superbike
  6. White Water Kayaking
  7. Ski BASE Jumping


Unknown said…
Hi Turi,
Stumbled upon this blog while reading TriStupe's..and saw your name a few times in a friend's FB some time ago. Last I saw you was a long, long time Tmn Keramat :)

Adventure seeker..memang anak komando. Kebetulan, I just posted and old pic of my father skydiving hehe

Also anak bekas komando,

Kam Kasturie said…
Hi Kak Millie. When was the last time we met? I think 30 years ago, right??

If you reading Stupe's blog, you must be into running as well. Kalau jumpa masa event, tegur-tegur lah.
Unknown said…
Yup Turi, about there. Just before I went to MRSM for form 1. Now my eldest son is probably the same age as you when we last met hehe

Zaman sekolah sprint je, dah umur2 macam ni baru nak cuba long distance running. Started a few years ago, lari sikit2 je, just to overcome the fear of it. Tapi belum lari full lagi :P
Kam Kasturie said…
Yes, I remember you being a sprinter. There was one time I teased you after kelas agama mlm, and you chased me for about 50m before you caught me and kena sebijik bedebuk dgn you kat belakang ...hahaha. Those were the days :)

2013 should be your target to do your first FM. Try la KL marathon nanti. Plenty of time to train.
Chinta Aishah said…
Skydive?? Dah buat eh? Happy New Year to u Kam n get well soon kat ur son yg comel tuh :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Belum pernah buat Sky Diving lagi. You dah pernah buat ke Ecah?
Happy New Year to you too. Hope to catch up with you soon ;)

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