I bought the best pocketable camera money can buy!!!

I bought Nikon1 V1 end of last year but after 2 months I sold it off to a friend because later I realized I need a pocketable camera instead of interchangeable lens camera. It was a big mistake but I managed to persuade my colleague (no no, I didn't con her, using my charming smiles... wink!) and get her buys my V1. Fuuhhh... lucky I don't have a wife or else I will get several rounds of scolding for wasting money on another camera :P
I miss my Canon S90 which I could just slip it into my pocket and bring it everywhere I go. Sony just launched a new model RM100M2 end June, an upgrade from first model RX100. Unfortunately, it will not be available in Malaysia for the next few months. I want a better camera for my Berlin trip in September but I need at least a month to play around and get familiarize with the new camera. I couldn't wait much longer and I bought it via eBay from Hong Kong. In fact, it's cheaper than the old model selling in Sony Center here even after include courier shipping charges.

Compare with Nikon 1 V1

I don't want to do a review because so many available on the Internet already.
Review list:
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Enjoy some photos taken with RX100M2. No editing, straight from the camera.
Impressive portrait bookeh

Another portrait bookeh... surpass Nikon1 V1 quality

Just point & shoot

Nice panorama shot... just swipe your camera

Landscape shot.... check out zoom photos below

Max lens zoom.... if you think this great, check out below

Max digital zoom, I can even read the signboard... Amazing huh?!

Superb macro shot

Fantastic miniature shot

Awesome low-light shot...!!
Also check out raya photos & video taken using RX100M2.

If you are too lazy to read the review, you can watch this full review in youtube below:

Well, after using it for a week, I can attest this is the best pocket camera with near DSLR quality!! I give 6 stars out of 5! RX100M2 is capable to produce exceptional images and extra one star for making me fall in love with photography all over again :)


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