Sabah Adventure Challenge 2014

This is the second time I took part in Sabah Adventure Challenge. Aman and the team had organized the event successfully last year, made me want to join again this year. Last year, we stayed in luxurious Mersilau Lodge, but this year we camped out at Air Panas Poring.

Day T-2

I went to KK a day before the registration. Earlier plan to come with Bandit but he has work commitment and had to cancel the trip. Too bad he missed out all the fun. I flew in on board MAS and stayed at Masada Backpackers. I have stayed at many hostels in KK, but nothing like this one. I think this is the best hostel in KK and I met many new friends here ;)

Later that night, I went out for dinner with OP Jibui and his colleagues. Then OP Syamdun join us. I haven't meet him for so many year. Actually, he's living in Ranau not far from Poring.

Day T-1

The next day, OP Stupe, his wife and his friend picked me up from the hostel and we went to Sutera Harbour for the registration and race briefing. I met many other friends there came for the registration. Some were same faces from last year.
15th anniversary

Day 1

We traveled to race starting point very early in the morning. The organizer prepared buses to transfer all participants from KK to Ranau. We managed to catch some sleep in the bus. Starting point this year at Kampung Marakau. The sky was cleared that morning and we gotta catch great view of Mt. Kinabalu. 
With dai senpai Ghaz

OP Stupe & Aileen, both were very strong this year

Flagged off

Stunning view

Let's go there!

Long way to go

Super duper hot weather

Going into a village

Gonna get sunburn

Cooling off my head

I crossed the finish line before sundown

Day 2

I wasn't expecting day 2 going to be a looong day!
This is where we camped out

with fellow adventurers

Climb and climb

Nice trail like in FRIM

open trail

Magnificent view!! 

We were rewarded with the view

Comel anak-anak orang Dusun ni

River dipping

Crystal clear

River dipping again

One of many hanging bridges


Sunset and Mt Kinabalu

We were walking in the dark for about 2 hours before crossing finish line.

After nearly 13 hours

Day 3

Final day was short but we had to run up 700m elevation to Langanan waterfall about 4km from Poring. After we completed the run in first session, we have to find clues around the area in second session.

Everyone eager to start

That 3.3km took us more than half an hour

Nice trail


Fantastic view up here

Everyone stopped for photos

Second session looking for clues

Hot weather

Finished off the race 10 minutes before cut-off

Finisher medal & T-shirt giving ceremony

Huge medal

Me, Hanif & Ghaz

about half a kilo

Fisher medal, t-shirt & kopi Tenom
I can't wait to take part again next year. My friend OP Syamdun also looking forward to join me in the race.


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