Penang bridge marathon 2008

This is one of the main running events in the country and many people do not want to miss an opportunity to run across the national landmark of 13.5km long Penang bridge. There were 6 of us Azmar, Steve, Julie, Karo & Aghil (an Iranian student) cramped into my Citra for about 6 hours journey to Penang.

It was fun journey as everyone always has jokes to share. We stayed at B-Suite which is very near to starting line at Queensbay Mall. The race started at 3am and the route slightly different from last year. We ran towards Batu Maung through Bayan Lepas first before return back to cross the bridge. During the race I met more of our friends like Doc Hisyam, CK, Kar Yan, May Senn, Tey and new friends like Azhar from S'pore & Soo a MAS pilot. The rest who did 1/2 marathon were also there like Mac, Adeline, Alaudin, Mat Licin, Wendy, Bo & many more.
As usual I ran with a camera in hand just to capture the moments. After all I got the most lucky race number :) Check out some of the pictures below.
The successful completion of the marathon distance is an endeavor that can raise the average individual to heroic dimensions. It requires hard work, dedication , self-control, perseverance, careful pacing, delayed gratification, sacrifice and willingness even a passion to go against the grain.

After my 4th marathon, I still think marathon is a tough race. The timing was not very impressive but I don't feel the pain like before. I could run faster but I wanted to make my money worth, so I stayed longer in the race till near the cut off time.... hahaha.... what a lame excuse. By the way, my timing was 5.40 :P

I guess this is the last race for this year. 2008 is quite an active year. After being single again, I want to make out most of it to achieve everything in my wish list. Insyaallah :)


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