Tioman - PADI

I wanted to write this earlier but I had problem with my camera. So, I waited until I could copy all the pictures from the memory card. This trip was before puasa during the National Day weekend.

Diving wasn't one of my wish list actually. I don't know why, I just signed up for the course with Eco-Diver and there i was in Tioman. It was an exciting journey, met many new friends and chicks. When you share similar passion, automatically you will speak the same frequency with other divers.

Tioman was a beautiful island and people are very friendly. There were many tourists especially Caucassion. The food were awesome and it wasn't that expensive as people thought. For RM30, the chalet was quite decent with no aircon. Who needs aircon when you spend most of the time outside on the beach. I stayed at ABC aka Kampung Air Batang where tourist populations are more than the locals.

Well, PADI open water is a very easy course. The instructor told me never in his life people failed the test. If you love water and willing to try outdoor activities, I'm sure you will have no problem doing the practical. The total course took me 4 days to complete including classroom training, confine water training and actual dives in open water. For open water dives I went to Renggis & Soyak. It was amazing.... felt like it was a different world down there. I saw turtles, barracuda, giant moray, clown fish aka Nemo, all shapes of coral, etc. Diving is costly hobby but i guarantee you will never regret of trying it. BE HAPPY DIVE PADI!


Unknown said…
Buat course ngan Jefree or Mitchelle?
Kam Kasturie said…
First day masa isi borang dgn Jefree, pastu continue dgn Thomas Hamp. Jefree balik KL & mitchelle kat s'pore weekend tu. Jefree tu sebenarnya classmate OP Boot masa sekolah rendah.

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