Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011

Yeay, completed my third half marathon for this year! Actually, this is my first PBIM half marathon. I took part several times before but all in marathon distance. Then I thought, why not do half this time? Overall timing is not really impressive. Still far from my sub 2 hours target. There were many runners in half compare to full distance. I started at the back row and the road was very crowded after the start line I had to follow other people's pace, and as usual taking some photos along the bridge.

After U-turn on the bridge I reached at kilometre 10, then I look at my watch and the timing was 1:12hr. Geezz.... I was so slow. From that point I increased the pace and started overtake all other runners. A few runners tried to follow my pace but I managed to drop them off... hehehe. Finally, crossed the finish line in 2:17hr. Woohoo... that mean I did negative split 1:05hr in the last 11km! If I could maintain the pace from the start I might be able to clock 2hr on the dot. Maybe in the next race.

One more medal for my collection


June Malik said…
Laju lari and laju keluar report !!!
Congrats :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks Kak June! Kalau actual report sure lagi panjang. Ni malas punye version... LOL!
Che said…
congrats! :) i should have done half je.. haha.. i will try doing half next year lah.
-baca report org dulu utk cari ilham tulis report sendiri-

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