Batch trip to Taman Negara

28 OPs from Royal 8th batch RMC (1987-1991) went to Taman Negara for our get together trip. Actually, we had 31 pax but Budin, Gegek & Bapak unable to make due to family & work commitment.

These are the attendees

We RV at RMC, the last person to arrive was newly wed Ala because he had a busy night before. So we gave him 20 knuckle-clap. It was smooth ride to Kuala Tahan and the boys already started to catch up in the bus. 

On the first day after check-in at Rainforest Kuala Tahan, we went out for a boat ride to Lata Berkoh for a jungle tracking and nice picnic near a small water fall. Then short stop at Kelah Santuary on the way back to Kuala Tahan. 

Dinner & karaoke session at night. Thanks to Mat Yep for sponsoring the T-shirt.

On the second day we did canopy walk. 

Two-day trip is very short for us to do the catch up with everyone. Even before we reach RMC, we already planned for the next one mid next year.

Thanks to Mat Kong, Bandit, Bear as committee members and everyone else for making an effort to join the trip. You guys are awesome!!!


tsar said…
Hi Kam, tumpang lalu, was blog hopping and found your blog... :)

This looked like fun, and would be a great get-together with my batch, but i doubt that the turnout will be good as yours.
I wonder what the damage was per person for this kind of outing..
Kam Kasturie said…
3 ratus lebih jer, inclusive everything. Bus ride from KL, breakfast, lunch, dinner, karaoke, boat ride and fun fun fun!
Nak dpt kan komitmen tu yg paling susah. Our next trip to Krabi in Sept ;) Flight tiket semua dah beli.
tsar said…
Perghh... jeles siot hahaha.
Even yg tmn negara tu 300 lebih is nothing compared to the itinerary & tons of fun. i can tell from the post

Ok, I'll keep an eye on that Krabi post.

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