Camping at Janda Baik.... again?!!

OP batch 86-90 organized a camping trip to Janda Baik but only a few turned up during the trip. So, OP Iran invited me to join them to fill-in the quota at Kuala Lurau Camp & Chalet (KLCC), Janda Baik. The place about 400m from Zaini Guest House that we went last school holidays. 
The place just next to the river

Most of us camped out

Camping will not complete without campfire

BBQ dinner

Warm night

The river was cleaned and crystal clear

BBQ lunch
Thanks to OP Iran for inviting me. Other OPs who came together with their families were OP Doc Raja, OP Arian, OP Lofty, OP Mat Yep and OP Upak. I camped only one night and I left the next day after lunch. OP Sajey came the following day but I didn't have a chance to meet him.


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