Trip Cuti Sekolah to Legoland

Personally I think Legoland's target market is mainly for foreigners especially Singaporeans. The entrance ticket still very expensive to majority of Malaysians. Even to middle income earners like me could feel the burn in our pocket. Malaysian can get RM20 discount if you show your IC. Make sure you bring everyone's IC for the proof. 
Entrance to Legoland

So many choices of key chains

The boys were excited

Uncle.... why u sleep here la??

theme within the park

Masuk kandang

Enjoying the rides

You can see bird eye view of Legoland from up here

Expensive lunch but it tasted good

Huge Petronas Tower made of Lego

It was hot and humid

Beautiful landmark made of Lego bricks

Do you wanna come here again?? Maybe not....

We had a great time in Legoland

On the way back to Pulai Spring, we stopped at Bukit Indah for dinner with their grandparents.


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