Trip to Saigon

It was a solo trip to Saigon. Luckily I have host over there and I had such a great time in HCMC! I'm too lazy to write, enjoy the photos and videos below.
Notre Dame Cathedral, no no... not in Paris

Saigon Main Post Office, colonial structure

Cu chi Tunnel, this is great place to begin with the trip
Interesting artifacts

Experience life as a Vietcong

Yeay! I'm slim enough to fit into the tunnel entrance

Great experience!

A visit to local village

War Remnants Museum, a must visit place if you come to HCMC

Many photos from the war era

Eerie images captured during the war

Many foreign visitors

Remembering May Lai massacre, the whole village were murdered by American troops 

Weapons & ammos used during the war

Panoramic view of exhibition hall

Agent Orange effects after several generations

War machines

Vietnamese food and coffee

Night market around Cho Ben Thanh

Independence Palace aka Reunification Palace

Surrounding the palace, 2 tanks and an F5E

Inside the palace

70's Retro design, stuck in time

You can hang out on top of the roof top with small bar

More exhibits

Ben Thanh Market

In front of Cho Ben Thanh, do you notice a new pair of Onitsuka Tiger? hehe 

Tran Nguyen Monument in front of Ben Thanh Market

Monsoon restaurant, I swear I saw a Hollywood actress having lunch here but forgot her name

Don Koi Street

Traffics in Vietnam. Yes, there are super rich Vietnamese in Ferrari

Dinner at Cuc Gach Quan Restaurant (Angelina Jolie's fav)

Jalan-jalan cari Kopi Vietnam

Dania the only girl in the house, she keeps calling me "atok"... why??

The Chill Skybar but skybar in Bangkok is cooler 

View at The Chill Skybar

Ho Chi Minh City at night

HRC HCMC and Club Xu

Landing at KLIA2, what an amazing airport!! Like a shopping mall.
 Thanks to my host OP Ikang, his wife Diana and their lovely kids Amir, Aidan & Dania for a 5 star hospitality.


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